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Quality Cannabis Compliance Management System, Quality Assurance, Regulatory, Accreditation, and Compliance Services.

Design to support your regulatory, accreditation, and certification compliance.

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Compliance Services


Cannabis Cultivation Program

  • Assessment
  • Requirements and Standards Review
  • Customization, Drafting, and Creation of Programs, Policies, Procedures (SOPs), Forms for Records, Lesson for Training.

Cultivation Licenses


  • Temporary Licenses
  • Annual Licenses and Requirements
  • Owner and Financial Interest Holders
  • Legal Right to Occupy
  • Property Diagram
  • Cultivation Plan Requirements
  • Supplemental Water Source Compliance
  • Cannabis Waste Management Plan
  • Track-and-Trace Training Requirements
  • Local License, Permit, or Other Authorization
  • Annual License Application Review for Completeness
  • Substantially Related Offenses Review
  • Withdrawal of Application
  • Notification and Grounds for Denial of License
  • Petition for Reconsideration

Cultivation Site Requirements

  • Cultivation Requirements for Specialty Cottage, Specialty, Small, and Medium Licenses
  • Seed Production Requirements for Nursery Licensees
  • Research and Development Requirements for Nursery Licensees
  • Cultivation Requirements for Processor Licensees
  • General Environmental Protection Measures
  • Renewable Energy Requirements
  • Generator Requirements
  • Pesticide Use Requirements
  • Cannabis Waste Management

Cultivation License Fees and Requirements

  • Annual Licenses Fees
  • Cultivation License Types
  • General License Requirements
  • Renewal of License
  • Notification of License Information Change
  • Physical Modification of Premises
  • Death or Incapacity of an Owner
  • Disaster Relief
  • Surrender, Revocation, or Suspension of License
  • Medium Cultivation License Limits
  • Sample Collection by the Department
  • Prohibition of Product Returns
  • Packaging and Labeling of Cannabis and Non-manufactured Cannabis Products
  • Requirements for Weighing Devices and Weighmasters
  • Commercial Cannabis Activity Between Licensees
  • Personnel Prohibited from Holding Licenses
  • License Issuance in an Impacted Watershed

Records and Reporting

  • Record Retention
  • Sales Invoice or Receipt Requirements
  • Research and Development Requirements for Nursery Licensees
  • Track-and-Trace System
  • Track-and-Trace System Unique Identifiers (UID)
  • Track-and-Trace System User Requirements
  • Track-and-Trace System Reporting Requirements
  • Track-and-Trace System Inventory Requirements
  • Inventory Audits
  • Notification of Diversion, Theft, Loss, or Criminal Activity
  • List Item
  • Licensee Authorization to Release Data to Financial Institutions
  • Financial Institution Request for Licensee Information

Inspections, Investigations, and Audits

  • Inspections, Investigations, and Audits Applicability
  • Inspections, Investigations, Examinations, and Audits.


  • Enforcement Applicability
  • Administrative Actions-Operations
  • Administrative Actions – Recordkeeping
  • Notice of Violatio
  • Emergency Decisions
  • Informal Administrative Hearings
  • Informal Hearing Schedule and Notification
  • Conduct of Informal Hearings
  • Licensing Actions
  • Formal Administrative Hearings


Cannabis Retailer Program

  • Assessment
  • Requirements and Standards Review
  • Customization, Drafting, and Creation of Programs, Policies, Procedures (SOPs), Forms for Records, Lesson for Training.

Retailer Licenses


  • Temporary Licenses
  • Annual Licenses and Requirements
  • Designation of Owners
  • Financial Interest in a Commercial Cannabis Business
  • Personnel Prohibited from Holding Licenses
  • Premises Diagram
  • Landowner Approval
  • Electronic Signature
  • Use of Legal Business Name
  • Bond
  • Limited Waiver of Sovereign Immunity
  • Compliance with the State Environmental Quality
  • Review of Previously Prepared Environmental Documents Pursuant to State Environmental Quality
  • State Environmental Quality Exempt Projects
  • Preparation of State Environmental Quality Documents for Applicants
  • Additional Information Requirements
  • Incomplete Applications
  • Withdrawal of Application


  • Fees
  • Payment of Fees
  • Substantially Related Offenses and Criteria for Rehabilitation
  • Additional Grounds for Denial of a License
  • Excessive Concentration
  • Renewal of License
  • Denial of License
  • Cancellation of License
  • Business Modifications
  • Cannabis Goods After Termination of License
  • Premises
  • Premises Location
  • Physical Modification of Premises
  • Subletting of Premises
  • Licensee’s Responsibility for Acts of Employees and Agents
  • Age Restriction
  • Commercial Cannabis Activity
  • Storage of Inventory
  • Significant Discrepancy in Inventory
  • Notification of Criminal Acts, Civil Judgments, Violations of Labor Standards, and Revocation of a Local License, Permit, or Other Authorization After Licensure
  • Notification of Theft, Loss, and Criminal Activity
  • Record Retention
  • Licensee Authorization to Release Data to Financial Institutions
  • Financial Institution Request for Licensee Information
  • Disaster Relief


  • Access to Retailer Premises
  • Customer Access to the Retail Area
  • Hours of Operation
  • Requirements While Not Open for Business
  • Retail Customers
  • Cannabis Goods Display
  • Cannabis Goods for Sale
  • Sale of Non-Cannabis Goods
  • Sale of Live Plants and Seeds
  • Daily Limits
  • Customer Return of Cannabis Goods
  • Free Cannabis Goods
  • Prohibition on Packaging and Labeling by a Retailer
  • Cannabis Goods Packaging and Exit Packaging
  • Non-Storefront Retailer
  • Delivery Employees
  • Deliveries Facilitated by Technology Platforms
  • Delivery to a Physical Address
  • Delivery Vehicle Requirements
  • Cannabis Goods Carried During Delivery
  • Cannabis Consumption During Delivery
  • Delivery Request Receipt
  • Delivery Route
  • Receiving Shipments of Inventory
  • Inventory Documentation
  • Inventory Reconciliation
  • Record
  • Retailer Premises to Retailer Premises Transfer

Posting and Advertising

  • License Posting Requirement
  • Advertising Placement
  • Marketing Cannabis Goods as Alcoholic Products
  • Age Confirmation in Advertising
  • Branded Merchandise Approva

Security Measures

  • Limited-Access Areas
  • Licensee Employee Badge Requirement
  • Video Surveillance System
  • Security Personnel
  • Locks
  • Alarm System

Track and Trace Requirements

  • Track and Trace System
  • Track and Trace Reporting
  • Track and Trace System Reconciliation
  • Temporary Licenses; Licensees in Operation at Time of Licensure


  • Right of Access
  • Notice to Comply
  • Citations; Orders of Abatement; Administrative Fines
  • Contesting Citations
  • Citation Compliance
  • Minor Decoys
  • Attire and Conduct
  • Entertainers and Conduct
  • Additional Grounds for Discipline
  • Disciplinary Actions
  • nterim Suspension
  • Posting of Notice of Suspension
  • Posting of Notice of Revocation
  • Enforcement Costs
  • Disciplinary Guidelines
  • Emergency Decision and Order

Record Retention

  • Records

Returns and Destruction

  • Acceptance of Shipments
  • Returns Between Licensees
  • Destruction of Cannabis Goods Prior to Disposal

Other Provisions

Research Funding

  • Eligibility
  • Request for Proposals
  • Selection Process and Criteria
  • Release of Fund
  • Reports to the Department
  • Research Records


Cannabis Manufacturing Program

  • Assessment
  • Requirements and Standards Review
  • Customization, Drafting, and Creation of Programs, Policies, Procedures (SOPs), Forms for Records, Lesson for Training

Manufactured Cannabis Safety

  • Applicability
  • Owners and Financial Interest Holders
  • Premises Diagram

General Provisions

  • License Required
  • Personnel Prohibited from Holding Licenses
  • Manufacturing License Types
  • Additional Activities

Manufacturing Licenses

Applications for Licensure

  • Temporary Licenses.
  • Annual License Application Requirements.
  • Annual License Application Requirements – Business Information
  • Annual License Application Requirements – Owners.
  • Annual License Application Requirements – Manufacturing Premises and Operations Information.
  • Annual License Application Requirements – Compliance with Environmental Quality
  • Limited Waiver of Sovereign Community
  • Incomplete and Abandoned Applications
  • Application Withdrawal


  • License Constraints
  • Change in Licensed Operations
  • Add or Remove Owner(s) and Financial Interest Holders
  • Death, Incapacity, or Insolvency of a Licensee
  • License Renewal
  • Disaster Relief
  • Notification of Criminal Acts, Civil Judgments, and Revocation of a Local License, Permit, or Other Authorization after Licensure
  • Licensee Authorization to Release Data to Financial Institutions
  • Financial Institution Request for Licensee Information

Approval or Denial of Applications

  • New License Approval
  • Denial of License
  • Substantially Related Acts
  • Criteria for Evidence of Rehabilitation
  • Appeal of License Denial

Shared-Use Facilities

  • Definitions
  • Type S License
  • Registration to Operate a Shared-Use Facility
  • Shared-Use Facility Conditions for Operation
  • Shared-Use Facility Compliance Requirements

Requirements of Operation for Manufacturer Licensees

  • Safety and Security
  • Security Plan
  • Video Surveillance
  • Notification of Theft, Loss, or Diversion
  • Extractions
  • Permissible Extractions.
  • Volatile Solvent Extractions
  • Ethanol Extractions
  • Closed-Loop Extraction System Requirements

Good Manufacturing Practices

  • Manufacturing Practices Definitions
  • Quality Control Program
  • Grounds, Building, and Manufacturing Premises
  • Equipment and Utensils
  • Personnel
  • Cannabis Product Components
  • Manufacturing Processes and Procedures
  • Product Quality Plan
  • Master Manufacturing Protocol
  • Batch Production Record

Other Responsibilities

  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Weights and Measures
  • Training Program
  • Inventory Control – Cannabis and Cannabis Products
  • Waste Management
  • Consent to Sample Collection
  • Product Complaints
  • Recalls


  • Application and License Fees
  • Gross Annual Revenue Calculation

Failed Product Batches

  • THC Concentration Limits.

Special Processing Requirements

  • Juice Processing
  • Dried Meat Processing


Cannabis Product Standards

  • Prohibited Products
  • Requirements for Edible Cannabis Products
  • Requirements for Topical Cannabis Products, Concentrates, and Other Cannabis Products
  • Orally-Consumed Products Containing Alcohol

Labeling and Packaging Requirements

Track-and-Trace System

  • Track-and-Trace System General Requirements
  • Track-and-Trace System Reporting Requirements
  • Track-and-Trace System – Loss of Access
  • Track-and-Trace System – Temporary Licenses
  • Track-and-Trace System – UID Tag Order

Labeling Requirements

  • General Provisions
  • Labeling Requirements: Pre-Rolls and Packaged Flower
  • Primary Panel Labeling Requirements: Manufactured Products
  • Additional Primary Panel Labeling Requirements: Edible Products
  • Informational Panel Labeling Requirements
  • Cannabinoid Content Labeling
  • Labeling Restrictions
  • Statement of Characteristic Anticipated Effects
  • Universal Symbol


  • Record Keeping Requirements
  • Sales Invoices and Receipts

Advertising and Marketing

General Provisions

  • Applicability
  • Release to Distributor as Finished Product


  • Packaging
  • Child-Resistant Packaging Requirements

Compliance Applicable to Manufacturing Licensees


  • Inspections
  • Notice to Comply

Suspensions and Revocations of a License

  • Emergency Decision and Order



Prerequisite Programs


Employee Training Requirements and Records


Records Verification and Validation Management Program


Corrective Action Management Program


Preventive Maintenance Program


Quality Cannabis Management System


Customer Care Management Program


(PFL) Programs, Policies, Procedures, Forms for Records, Lessons for Training.


Project Management System


Inventory Control Management System


Internal Audit Management Program


Supplier Approval Management Program


Complaint Management Program


Learning Management System


Quality Assurance Services


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